Spring is coming!

As I write this, snow is falling outside my window in Mississauga. The sky is gray and I am dreaming about all of the colourful flowers I see in the gardening magazines on my desk. My favourite magazine, our very own Canadian ‘Garden Making’ (www.gardenmaking.com) has a particularly beautiful plant portrait of a bearded Iris (Iris germanica) in their Spring 2013 issue. It is one of the plants I cannot resist planting in almost every sunny garden I create.

Irises bloom beautifully in spring and offer a season’s worth of attractive, fanned, swordlike leaves. They are the most ubiquitous of garden plants and among the easiest to grow. There are also varieties of irises that re-bloom in fall. What a refreshing surprise to see these magnificent flowers coming back in September and October. I personally cannot wait to see my Iris back in bloom.

However, my favourite of all is the Siberian Iris. Iris sibirica ‘Cesar’s Brother’ adds drama to the landscape with its grassy leaves and velvety dark violet flowers. What an elegant perennial!

Hellebores, Crocus, Tulip, Daffodil, Iris, Daisy…how we long for them on a cold day in March like today.